First blog post

Hello everyone, well here we go.

I will start in the year 2006.

This is when my adventure really came into play.  I was a stay home Mom. After 8 years of being home I decided to get back to work.  I took a ballroom dance class twice a week to keep me busy.  I started looking for work. Every company wanted me to go back to school cause I was out of the the system for 8 years.  REALLY.  I didn’t know what to take, then one night at dance I thought “maybe I should go back to school to become a dance teacher”  The next thing I knew I was hitting the books and the dance floor.  I received my certification for Ballroom and Latin Dance in 2008.

I should back up just a bit as I was attending school, I also was working at a dance studio. Not just for the money but the experience too.  I stayed at the studio for 3 years learning how to teach.  Then I decided to open up my own studio.  This was very exciting to me. We build a 1100 sq. ft. studio and I got to design it, and help with all the renovations. 2009 I was up and running my own business.  It was really tough at the beginning, advertising was worth it, brought in some business.  Word of mouth worked the best. I was loving my studio.

2011 was the start of my nightmare.  I was driving my son to school when I got rear ended at a stop sign.  The guy hit me so hard the whole exhaust system and the gas tank fell off my car.  Not to mention the headache I had.  I won’t get into details about my issues with the police, lets just say the guy got off free of charges.  I got 4 years of rehab for my 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th vertebrae has been crushed, at the top of my neck.  Doctors told me permanent damage expect arthritis when I get older. This is when I started on pain medication.  I couldn’t sleep, work, clean, cook, go out and do anything without being in pain.  After a few months I went back to the Doctors, they decided to put me on Nitrazepam .5 mls, now I’m not sure but I always though the doctors were suppose to look after their patience. You should not be on this medication longer than 2 weeks. BUT I WASN’T TOLD.

Here is what I found about that drug  • Tolerance – Tolerance to their effects develops within 3-14 days of continuous use and hence treatment regimes should be kept to a minimum and repeat prescriptions avoided. Limits of tolerance in patients with organic cerebral changes (particularly resulting from arteriosclerosis) or cardiorespiratory insufficiency may be very wide; care must be taken in adapting the dosage with such patients.

From 2011-2014 I was still on the sleeping pills.  I had to keep going back to the doctors to up the dose as 0.5ml wasn’t working anymore.  I ended up taking up to 10 ml every night. When I finished the bottle I never went back for a refill. Boy was I in for the ride of my life.  I didn’t sleep for 3 days straight, my hearing and sight was incredible, I couldn’t eat and I had the shakes really bad for several days.  I couldn’t stand my own breathing.  Ended up in hospital only to find out I was in withdraw from the sleeping medication the doctor had given me.

to be cont……




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