My Visit to the Cannabis Doctor

Well this will be interesting.  I didn’t sleep the night before my visit.  I had no idea what to expect.  So I get there and the first thing they tell me to do is pee in a bottle.  Oh……. Okay.  Then all the paper work, pages and pages to fill out.  Mostly all medical stuff.  Still nervous the nurse says you can go in now Yikes. I go in to see the Doctor sit down and he starts telling me all about the different kinds of Cannabis.  What it helps with, and how it works. The doctor went through my entire file only to ask me if I was sleeping okay and how my pain level was.  I answered no sleep and the pain is a 8 out of 10.  Before we went any further I asked about the pee sample.  He then told me every patient has to do it, as they check you for  THC and CBD levels, plus if you are taking any other kinds of medication.   If you were to take something else other than your proscribe medication, you are taken off the program (no messing around here). He wrote a prescription for some dried cannabis, told me not to smoke it as it is not good for your lungs.  My response was then how do I take it?  He responded with a Vaporizer.  Huh? I have never heard of a vaporizer.  He told me it is much safer to vaporize than to smoke it.  That’s wonderful, because I was concerned. The doctor explains how to place my order and how it gets delivered through registered mail. He stood up, shook my hand and told me good luck and he will see me in 2 months. On my way home, I was totally baffled that I just got a prescription for cannabis.

This was all confusing to me as when I was in high school I was told cannabis (marijuana) was really bad for you and very addicting, leads to taking stronger drugs. Boy, was I misinformed.  That was one of my questions to the doctor, only to find out it is not addicting, and has no sever side effect.  Here is a link for your own use on the side effects of cannabis.

Here is a link for the Vaporizer if interested:

While I am waiting on approval from the Canadian Government for my medical cannabis licence, I decided to do some research.  There is so much out there, it is really hard to figure out which site are good and which ones aren’t.  One morning my phone rang it was a Company called Tweed.  This is the company that I would be dealing with in the near future.  Only to find out that they will education you on all of their cannabis strains.  (no need to worry anymore). They were very informative, every single question I asked they had an answer for.  This was a very happy day for me. I now am able to order my prescription, they helped me go through the procedure.  Told me anytime I need help with they would be there.  Now I wait for my delivery …………



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