Cannabis and my Mom

I have to say things have been going pretty sweet for me in the pain and sleeping department.  It’s been a month or so and things are starting to fall into place.  I have ordered a few different kinds of cannabis strains to try.  A Company called Teal Valley has got in contact with me they are like a middle man for Tweed (cannabis company)  and the Doctors office.  Teal Valley helps you find the right strain of cannabis for your needs.  They also can help with any kinds of cannabis questions.  I have found them very helpful so far.

In the midst of all this stuff happening in my life, my Mother has Alzheimer. She isn’t doing very well and we finally found her a nursing home.  The problem is no one can feed, clean, or basically do anything with her.  She gets very upset, with the nurses there.  We found that she will eat for me and I can also bathe her with no issue.  She has been in the home now for about 6 months.  I am now facing the decision with closing my studio, as I can’t seem to work both.  It is way to hard to run a business and take care of a parent, plus my own family.  As hard as this is  I have no choice. After the season I closed my studio it was one of my saddest days so far.

At the nursing home we do lots of things with our family members.  They have parties all the time for special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentines Day etc. We do activities, some of the other residence go for outings, others not so much.  It’s endless the things they do everyday.  My Mom and I like to go up the the Cafe and we have coffee and colour, yes I said colour.  She loves to colour pictures.   My Mom’s room is nice. The lady that use to be in room with my Mom passed away and they never replaced anyone else in my Mom’s room.  She has her own TV and bathroom, it’s actually a nice room. My Mom is always so happy to see me in the morning when she gets up.  It was so worth closing my studio just to see her face light up everyday. My Step Dad comes everyday around lunch time and stays with her until after dinner.  My Step Dad and I have gotten really close now since we spend so much time together.  I feel very blessed to have him in my life.  I have been telling him all about my Cannabis experience.  He did not judge me in anyway, if anything he has encouraged me.  He says he sees a change in me all for the good.  If the cannabis makes me feel better, he is all for it.  We talk about all the different things I have been trying.  There are certain strains that don’t work for me at all.  Everyone thinks that cannabis is all the same but it’s NOT.  There are so many different strains. High THC, low THC, High CBD, low CBD, THC and CBD combined, it’s endless.  So many different numbers, for an example 15% THC – 1% CBD in the same bud.  It really is a science how they grow the cannabis, so many different ones.  I had no idea there was this much information on Cannabis.

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