Dealing with Lymphoma

After loosing my Mom we had to deal with my Step Dad’s Lymphoma.  He has started chemo therapy, has lost all his hair. Being home isn’t an option for my Step Dad.  His Lymphoma is really bad and has spread to his lungs. This is just terrible, for the past 2 month we have seen him deteriorate rapidly.  It really breaks my heart to see him like this. My step sisters had called and told us we need to get to the hospital, Dad isn’t doing so well.  He can’t breathe or talk and has a very high fever. My husband and I went to the hospital to see him, I couldn’t believe my eyes when we get in there.  The fever had him hallucinating and he was saying stuff that made no sense.  Once again I was very scared and concerned.  We all had our one on one time with him that night.  The next day I got the call that he had passed away during the night.  Unbelievable, 2 months after my Mom dies my Step Dad is gone.  After putting my Step Dad to rest we had to clean out their house.  That was another upsetting situation, having to go through all of my Mom’s stuff was the worst.  I have never cried that much in my life.

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