Life and Health Issues

After putting my Mom and Step Dad to rest I set a goal on getting my business back up and running. Flyers, emails, and lots of advertising.  Nothing was working, I went for 6 months with no business.  This really made me feel sad and frustrated that I had lost a business that I loved so much and would still do it today if I could. We were heading to Florida for a business conference with my husband’s company.  I was debating whether to go or not because I hadn’t been feeling that great. My stomach was off, I had lots of bloating and stomach pain.  I’m was debating because we were booked at an All Inclusive Resort in Jamaica the following week.  I did end up going with my hubby.  I was pretty much okay during the day, but then again I didn’t eat that much during the day.  Light breakfast with oatmeal, coffee and some fruit.  Sandwich and salad for lunch.  Dinner was a large get together with his  customers.  Everyone was having a great time, fun was had by all.  Half way through dinner I couldn’t eat anymore, my stomach was killing me.  We went back to the room and went to bed. I didn’t sleep, the pain in my stomach was terrible.  Same thing happened for the next two days.   We arrived back home repacked and off to Jamaica the next day. I was really worried about my stomach and going away to a Caribbean Island.  I decided to be really careful with what I ate.

We have arrived in Jamaica.


This place was so beautiful and the weather was really hot and sunny.  Our trip turned out to be amazing.  Which doesn’t surprise me because I’ve always loved Jamaica.  The food was fantastic but I really watched what I ate.  By the end of week my stomach wasn’t doing so great.  I decided that I had to go to the doctors when I got home. We were all packed, ready to go home and the last night I wasn’t able to sleep.  I also had diarrhea most of the night.  How was I suppose to fly home in this condition? I ended up taking an Imodium at around 9:00 am. It was 1 1/2 hour drive to the Montego Bay Airport.  YIKES! Well, I made it to the airport with no issues.  Thank goodness.

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