Healing and Health

It’s been over a year now and the candida has pretty much disappeared from my blood stream. I am now starting to incorporate more foods back into my diet.  Things like fruit, breads, milk, anything that contains sugar or gluten really.  I am also finding out which foods are not good for me.  If I eat something and have an immediate reaction, I know to stay away from that particular item.  It has definitely been challenging. Trying to cook for myself and my family was the hardest out of all that I’ve been through.  I have lost a total of 22 pounds, and feel FANTASTIC.   I have found out that fast food does not agree with me at all.  It is not worth eating something that causes me pain. My headaches have gone away as well.  My sleeping seems to be better but that could be related to the cannabis. I did find out that a Multi Vitamin does absolutely nothing for your health. I will talk about supplements in a different blog post.

We found out that my Mother In-law had ovarian cancer, she has been getting treatment now for a few months.  The chemo now has made her very sick.  Now that I’m feeling better I am trying to help her.  Cancer is a terrible sickness.  I have lost my Sister/step Dad to and my husband has lots his sister too. We are trying to stay strong as a family.

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