This is what CBD Cannabis looks like.  I had no idea what CBD was until I researched it and realized that it may help me.  This stuff is amazing.  All the pharmaceutical pain medications I was on had so many side effects.  If a medication had 12 side effects I must have had 10 of them. Really bad for your body, not mention the addiction aspect. As I had mention in earlier blogs, my car accident gave me tremendous neck pain.  My top 4th, 5th 6th and 7th vertebra has been permanently damaged.  I go for acupuncture twice a month and I am finding it helps with some of the pain. The CBD has an amazing effect on my vertebra, I take it after my breakfast and within 1 hour I am pain free and ready to start my day.  People seem to think that because it’s in the Cannabis family that you would feel high or euphoric but you don’t. The only side effect is you are PAIN FREE.  It’s the most wonderful feeling in the world when you can go about your day without pain.  I found that when I spoke to people about me being on the CBD, I was always getting judged.  I understand peoples concerns but if they did their research,  they would feel different about it. The government is going to make Cannabis legal so I don’t understand the negative feed back that I’m getting from some people. I try to live my life chemical free as much as possible.  My family and I use Melaleuca cleaning products, vitamins, make up, protein shakes etc.  We have been using Melaleuca for over 13 years, so why not use a natural product for pain too. It’s a full time job trying to keep my family and I as healthy as I can. I love my work!

This is your brain on CBD.


Here is a link on CBD.


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