Surviving Menopause

What can I tell you about menopause, hmm most of you already know what to expect. WRONG.  I went into menopause in 2013 after I had a hysterectomy. I do not wish this on anyone.  It is terrible, you feel uneasy, you get plenty of hot flashes, not to mention mood swings and I seem to cry at the drop of a hat. When I was growing up no one spoke about menopause which I find very weird. It is a common thing that women go through. Mine started with the hot flashes, then the mood swings, dry vagina which turned into pain from being so dry and sensitive.  I have been to several doctors and they are not sure how to get rid of these symptoms.  I’ve been on creams and pills and so far nothing works.  My natural path Doctor put me on Adrenal support for several months.  After 1 week after taking this medication my hot flashes seem to be a lot less. I finished the bottle and within 2 days my hot flashes came back in full force.   Now I’m having even more symptoms, hair loss, dry skin and acne. Really? Pimples at my age are not attractive.  Oh I almost forgot about the weight gain too.  I can’t sleep because of all the night sweats  and I have a problem focusing on anything really.  Now I am going to a gynecologist and things are getting out of control.  They put me back on more pills, so let’s review, I have tried the Estradot patch which did nothing.  Then I tried Prevegyne which helped a little.  Now I’m on Vagifem with Replens gel. My natural path has put me back on Adrenal support and Iodine drops for the Thyroid.  It has been about 4 months now that I have been on this stuff.  I have to tell you that it is working.  For all those women who don’t want to talk about it or don’t know how to get help, I hope that writing this blog helps you in any way.  Please feel free to contact me of you have any questions.  4 years in menopause and still going.


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