Essential Oils

Sorry I haven’t been writing for a while, I’m purging my home and in the middle of renovating my new home.  It has been crazy crazy busy.  As you can imagine being as busy as we are there comes stress.  With stress comes headaches which brings me to essential oils. In the past few weeks I have had my fare share of headaches.  I have decided to try using essential oils.  Over the years I have learnt so much about these oils, they really do help.  I will post more on this subject (essential oils) as I do use them often. Much to my surprise they really do work. Here is what I did for my headache. headache-blend.jpg

Top Essential Oils for Headache Relief:

These are our favorite go-to oils when headaches come around. Please comment below if you have others that you love for headache relief.

Peppermint: A hybrid of Spearmint and Water Mint, peppermint is a great natural tool for easing headaches. Peppermint is a powerful anti-inflammatory and research demonstrates that the menthol found in peppermint can be effective in alleviating tension headaches. Peppermint has also been known to relieve stress, open the sinuses, clear airways and improve circulation.

Lavender: Another powerful essential oil, lavender also boasts anti-inflammatory properties. Recent studies show lavender to be a safe and effective treatment for migraine headaches. Research has also confirmed the calming, soothing and sedative effects of lavender.

Frankincense: Frankincense might be one of the most effective anti-inflammatory essential oils. It’s ability to reduce stress, promote calm, and relieve anxiety can be extremely effective at taming that nasty headache.

Eucalyptus: Effective with helping treat sinus headaches. Like peppermint, Eucalyptus can help clear sinuses, reduce inflammation and alleviate nerve and muscle pain.

Helichrysum: No surprise here… Helichrysum also has powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Helichrysum has been used throughout history for its effectiveness in pain and headache relief.

Rosemary: This oil improves circulation, reduces stress and anxiety. Studies have shown Rosemary to be effective in blocking pain and reducing inflammation.

You can go with just one oil to address the specific type of headache you’ve got or blend 3, 4, or more to make a potent headache blend.

Essential Oil Blend For Headaches

This is a blend we mix up in a 10mL roll-on bottle. You can adjust the amounts to your preference. When finished, it ends up being about 1/3 essential oils and 2/3 carrier oil. Apply to pain areas (avoid contact with eyes), base of neck, temples, behind ears, forehead, and even your big toe.  It smells really good too.  I laid down for about 1/2 and my headache was gone.

Warning: Use oils with caution. Use only pure, therapeutic grade essential oils for maximum effect and safety. Do your research and question everything… even me!

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