Happy New Year

I have to say I’m very glad 2017 is finally over. I have been through so much heart break and stress, with loosing my Father and my Mother In-law. My Father became ill in May and it was a down hill battle with his heart. He lost his battle suddenly in July. My heart was still grieving as the year before I had lost my Mother in July and my Stepfather in September. We also had to put down our cat of 15 years due to problems with her kidneys. After she pasted our dog became depressed and wouldn’t eat. In May I took him to the vet and found out he was having an allergic reaction to beef and chicken. He had lost most of his hair and was scratching and bitting himself none stop. We put him on meds for a few months, but the meds where causing seizures which really scared me. Now after going to the vets every week for months he is finally doing better. These are just a few reasons why I’m glad 2017 is over. I am so excited and looking forward to 2018. We are moving into a new home in the spring, it is definitely going to be a wonderful fresh start for my family and I.

Bye Bye 2017 HELLO 2018

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